Sitting Poses - Janu Sirsasana

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This pose stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings and groins.

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Rajendra Thevarkkad 5 years ago

Very clear and simple instructions. Thanks Dileep

Maggie Mak5 years ago

Well done. Very clear to explain how to do the pose correctly. Let me can understand more and easily to follow. Thanks!

esther lam5 years ago

Nice video. I really enjoy your class, your instructions are very simple and peaceful. After work I prefer your class so that I can be calm. Thanks for recommending this online platform. I can practice at home (as you always ask us to practice at home, now I have no excuse la... haha)

Vivian Ho5 years ago

Thanks Dileep. This pose is easy for me

YogaSan Aravilly5 years ago

This is my favourite pose, easy to do. Thanks for the video