Immunity Booster Yoga

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Our immune system is affected by our lifestyle: what we eat, the quality of our sleep, and our physical and mental state. This class helps us to relax the body and mind so that our body can naturally boost its immunity. Specific poses will be practised to help stimulate the thymus gland, aid in detoxification of the body, and calm the mind. Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included. Suitable for anyone looking to restore their body and mind with gentle physical effort.

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Mandy Chan 2 years ago

Really appreciate your effort to make this video in the corona crisis. Very useful to us especially when most people are working from home

Robinson Grant 2 years ago

Very useful yoga sequence. Thanks for the sharing. I never knew the variation of Kapalabhati breathing. Your style is very traditional which made me feel calm and peaceful. I normally practice the western yoga. Which is more like a workout. Really enjoyed your video, please add more later. Thanks

Silvia Ho2 years ago

Nice and useful practice tips. Thanks for sharing

Silvia Ho2 years ago

Looking forward to seeing more such videos from you

Sharon Low2 years ago

Hi Dileep, I am missing your Hatha 1 classes. Can you please create a full length one that includes all the sun salutations just like our normal classes? Would like to do more of theses that I can keep my "at least 4x per week practice". Thank you so much.

David Soo2 years ago

Very nice Dileep. Appreciate your great effort to help the community during this pandemic. I really need to practice more often. Your style is very relaxing and it made me feel calm and peaceful. Thanks a lot

Arjun Padaveettil2 years ago

This is the class I was looking for. I really need to improve my immunity. Really appreciate your time and efforts to make this video. Thanks

Bethawan John2 years ago

Very useful video. My immunity is not good. Need to do regular breathing techniques. Thank you Dileep. Appreciate it

Bethawan John2 years ago

Any updates? Looking forward to seeing your new videos. Please share with us. Thanks

John smith 1 year ago

Great video. Very traditional way of instructions. Really feel peaceful and recharged rather than muscle sore or drained. I tried many classes previously and most of them are not comfortable and looks like a workout. This class is really apt. Thanks

Leonardo Soo1 year ago

Thanks for this video. It’s too late for me to practice tonight. Only did those breathing now. Will definitely practice the full sequence tomorrow morning.

Leonardo Soo1 year ago

Yeah I finished the whole sequence. It’s a smooth class. Feel so much recharged.